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Personal VS Business Branding

Season #2

Episode Title: Personal Branding vs. Business Branding: Which One is Better? Host: Deb Szabo Description: In this episode of Content Catalyst, marketing strategist Deb Szabo delves into the differences between personal branding and business branding. She discusses the importance of crafting a personal brand, shares personal anecdotes, and outlines the seven key benefits of building a strong personal brand. Deb also provides actionable steps for creating and maintaining a personal brand, including optimising your online presence and developing a content marketing strategy. Key Points: Introduction to personal branding vs. business branding The importance of controlling your personal brand Seven benefits of building a personal brand Steps to create and maintain a personal brand The role of content marketing in personal branding Resources Mentioned: Personal Brand Strategy Workbook (free download available on Content Catalyst Membership Visit to download the Personal Brand Strategy Workbook Join the Content Catalyst Membership for more in-depth training on personal branding, talking on camera, crafting your message on video and content marketing. Leave a review and rating if you found this episode helpful Connect with Deb: Website: Instagram: @DebSzabo_Video LinkedIn: Deborah Szabo Timestamps and Chapters 00:00:00 - 00:00:25 - Introduction Welcome to Content Catalyst Overview of the episode topic: Personal branding vs. business branding 00:00:25 - 00:00:51 - Initial Thoughts on Branding Importance of branding in business Introduction to personal branding 00:00:51 - 00:01:24 - Defining Personal Brand What is a personal brand? Elements of a personal brand: reputation, values, personality, interests, and passions 00:01:24 - 00:02:09 - Personal Anecdote: Reality TV Show Deb's experience with media branding her as a "cougar" Importance of controlling your personal brand 00:02:09 - 00:03:00 - Personal Anecdote: Instagram Girl Deb's experience being typecast as the "Instagram girl" and "videographer" Importance of intentional personal brand crafting 00:03:00 - 00:03:53 - Personal Brand Strategy Reviewing and auditing personal brand perception Positioning oneself as a thought leader 00:03:53 - 00:05:31 - Seven Benefits of Building a Personal Brand Stand out from the crowd Increase visibility and recognition Build trust and credibility Attract opportunities Enhance current marketing efforts Foster authentic connections Validate premium pricing 00:05:31 - 00:06:00 - Benefit 1: Stand Out from the Crowd Importance of showcasing unique skills and experiences 00:06:00 - 00:06:51 - Benefit 2: Increase Visibility and Recognition Elevating your profile and becoming a go-to expert 00:06:51 - 00:07:18 - Benefit 3: Build Trust and Credibility Establishing a reputation for knowledge and expertise 00:07:18 - 00:08:10 - Benefit 4: Attract Opportunities Pivoting careers and collaborating with others 00:08:10 - 00:08:31 - Benefit 5: Enhance Current Marketing Efforts Personal branding's impact on business marketing 00:08:31 - 00:10:13 - Benefit 6: Foster Authentic Connections Building engaged communities and strong relationships 00:10:13 - 00:11:16 - Benefit 7: Validate Premium Pricing Justifying higher rates through a strong personal brand 00:11:16 - 00:13:23 - Steps to Create a Personal Brand Define your "why" Identify your target audience Find your niche Develop your brand attributes 00:13:23 - 00:14:35 - Personal Brand Statement Crafting an elevator pitch Summarising who you help, how you help them, and what makes you different 00:14:35 - 00:15:55 - Online Presence Importance of a strong online presence Google's 7-11-4 rule for content consumption 00:15:55 - 00:17:17 - Content Marketing Strategy Creating long-form content and repurposing it Importance of consistent content sharing 00:17:17 - 00:19:00 - Visual and Tone Consistency Aligning visual elements and tone with your brand Examples of memorable personal brands 00:19:00 - 00:21:01 - Social Media Optimisation Securing social media handles Optimising profiles for discoverability 00:21:01 - 00:23:05 - Website and Speaker Bio Importance of a personal URL Creating a speaker page and bio 00:23:05 - 00:25:23 - Content Marketing Strategy (Continued) Developing a content marketing plan Using hero content to create multiple pieces of content 00:25:23 - 00:28:01 - Case Studies and Examples Examples of successful personal brands Importance of authenticity and genuine connections 00:28:01 - 00:30:02 - Content Catalyst Membership Overview of the membership and its benefits Focus on camera techniques and storytelling 00:30:02 - 00:31:01 - Conclusion Recap of the episode Join Content Catalyst Membership and leave a review #contentmarketing #branding #talkingoncamera



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