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10 Ways to promote your business for FREE #24

Season #2

10 Ways to Promote Your Business for Free: A Content Marketing Strategy

Podcast Title: Content Catalyst by Deb Szabo

Episode #24: 10 Ways to Promote Your Business for Free: A Content Marketing Strategy Guide

In this episode of Content Catalyst, Deb Szabo, a marketing strategist and video coach, shares invaluable insights on how to promote your business for free using effective content marketing strategies. Deb draws from her extensive experience in radio advertising and modern digital marketing to provide practical tips that can help small businesses maximise their visibility and impact without breaking the bank.


**Chapters and Timestamps

00:00 - 00:0 - **Introduction** - Welcome to Content Catalyst by Deb Szabo.

00:05 - 00:20 - **About Deb Szabo** - Deb's background in marketing and video coaching.

00:20 - 00:28 - **Early Career in Radio Advertising** - Deb's experience with radio ads and promotions in the 90s.

00:28 - 00:52 - **High-Risk Advertising for Small Businesses** - The financial risks of traditional advertising for small businesses.

00:52 - 01:05 - **Challenges of Measuring ROI** - The difficulty of measuring the return on investment for brand awareness campaigns.

01:05 - 01:47 - **Traditional Advertising Costs** - The high costs associated with TV, radio, and print advertising.

01:47 - 02:19 - **The Evolution to Digital Advertising** - Transition from traditional to digital advertising and the options available today.

02:19 - 02:35 - **The Power of Free Promotion** - Introduction to promoting your business for free using digital tools.

02:35 - 04:03 - **10 Ways to Promote Your Business for Free** - Overview of the ten methods to promote your business without spending money.

04:03 - 04:24** - Social Media** - Utilising social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

04:24 - 05:15 - **Google My Business** - Importance of setting up and optimising your Google My Business page.

05:15 - 06:07- **Email Marketing** - Building and leveraging an email list to communicate with your audience. 

6:07 - 06:49 - **Blogging** - The significance of maintaining a blog for SEO and audience engagement.

06:49 - 07:29** - **Podcasting** - How starting a podcast can help create and repurpose content.

07:29 - 08:00- **YouTube** - Using YouTube as a free platform to create and share video content.

08:00 - 08:10 - **Articles and White Papers** - Writing and sharing articles to establish authority and reach new audiences.

08:10 - 08:55 - **Direct Messages** - Engaging with your audience through direct messages on social media and email.

08:55 - 09:25 - **Website Optimisation** - Ensuring your website is up-to-date and optimised for conversions.

09:25 - 10:15 - **Live Streaming Events** - Hosting live streaming events to build real-time engagement with your audience.

10:15 - 11:37 - **The Importance of Consistency** - Consistently creating and sharing content to stay top of mind with your audience.

11:37 - 12:00- **Conclusion** - Recap of the ten free promotion methods and encouragement to start implementing them.

12:00 - 12:15 - Invitation to join Deb's upcoming content marketing workshop and connect on social media.

This podcast episode is for you if you're interested in; - Content Marketing Strategy - Free Business Promotion - Social Media Marketing - Google My Business - Email Marketing - Blogging - Podcasting - YouTube Marketing - Live Streaming - Website Optimisation

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