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12 Things about business I've learnt this year.

business Dec 06, 2023

Is it just me or do you also get to this time of year feeling like you've run a marathon and eagerly count down the holiday break?

There's something about that week in between Christmas and New Year, where you don't know what day it is and cocktails by the pool at any hour is acceptable.

It's also the time of the year that I'm planning out my 2024 strategy, writing down my dreams and goals.

I deeply reflect upon the year that was. I read back through last year's journals and planners and see how far I've come. What did I achieve and what did I learn?

This December, my business turns one and I wanted to share with you 12 things in business I've learnt this year.

Patience and discipline have been two keys things that have helped me launch and grow my business. The reality is most overnight successes took a long time to create. So with this in mind, everytime something hasn't worked or met my expectations. I tell myself, it's ok just try it a different way or at a different time. 

12 Things in Business I've learnt this year

1. Know Your Purpose: "Know your why"

My "why" is the driving force behind my goals, providing clarity and focus when I feel like things are moving as fast as I want it to go or a feel a little lost with my offering.

2. Just start & try everything | Experiment

I love experimenting, in fact this whole year I've treated like I was a scientist. That way I don't fail, I just observe the result, fine tune and go and try something else. When I come up against a roadblock, I think how can I go around it.


3. Build a Support System: "Surround yourself with other people heading in the same direction"

I've never been very good at asking for help (in the past) and can be a hyper independent person. However, this year I intentionally focused on spending time with people  who share a business vision and who could provide encouragement and inspiration.

4. Joined a coaching group

Coaching has been a catalyst for growth. I love learning, joining a group coaching not only enabled my to accelerate my business development, it also gave me a supportive community. (

5. Network | accountability groups

I have also joined networking groups to build my business community. My favourite online networking group provides conversation and no expectations, I always seem to learn something. I can turn up at anytime through the hour plus I don't have to get out of my trackies. (

I am also part of two accountability groups. This is a powerful motivator to get feedback and stay focused. 

6. Post content - just show up

There seems to be so many influencers who say... I got 10,000 followers this week. The reality (if you're not buying this audience) is for most of us, social media growth is slow (hence paitence). However, so worth the investment. Social media and video has allowed me to create a very engaged audience and grow my business. I decided I would show up most every other day and share me.

7. Pivot when you need to

Most people don't like change... I'm the rare few who loves it. Being agile and being able to pivot and adapt has allowed me navigate challenges, allow getting piegoned holed and seize new opportunities.

8.Knuckle down when you need to

Discipline has been another essential ingredient for me this year. While friends were wine and dining, I decided to stay in and create a program or work on my sales page.

10. Take risks

Leaving the security of a full time job to step out on my own was a massive risk for me this year. Having a regular income, holiday and sick leave is a big motivator for a single income parent with a mortgage. Yet my yearning desire to do me and back myself was greater. It's in these times, I believe you have to be crystal clear on your why (back to number 1).

11. Journal

The reflective practice of journaling has been a powerful tool to unclutter my busy mind. I like to journal in the morning and do my best to write something at night to get the day out of my head. I like to write down my goals, my thoughts and my do list. 

12. Plan plan plan

I love to map out a strategy, a campaign or a project. I use a planning calendar and is my best friend. Ironically, I am such a last minute Larry when it comes to booking trips or organising the finer details for gatherings. Overseas getaways are usually booked the week before which drives people I'm travelling with nuts! I guess we can't be all the things lol.

I have one bonus thing i've learnt this year which i talk about on my podcast episode of CONTENT CATALYST. If you would like to listen here

I would love to know what helps you in business, if want to share on instagram and tag me @debszabo_video

Happy Holidays!


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