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How to level up your zoom meetings

The Power of First Impressions: How to Level Up Your Zoom Meetings

Your appearance and environment shape people's first impression of you. Within just 7 seconds, others form opinions about your credibility and likability based solely on how you show up.

If you were meeting a client in person, you'd make an effort to suggest a professional meeting spot like a quiet cafe. You wouldn't dream of having that important discussion standing next to a smelly dumpster in a dark alley!

So why do many of us show up for Zoom meetings with less than ideal environments? When you jump on discovery calls, client coaching sessions, webinars or presentations over video, your setting and gear are making an impression - positive or negative.

Your credibility and likeability are enhanced or undermined by the subtle cues you're sending through your audio, lighting, background and more.

Here are 5 Mistakes to Avoid when presenting on zoom meetings or a video streams and tips on how to level up your...

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The Power of B-Roll Video: Boost Your Business for Free


Have you ever found yourself in a shop or a cafe and thought, "This place is awesome? How did I not know about this?" And then wondered why others also don't know about it? You probably have friends who offer amazing products or services, and you think to yourself, "People need to know about your product. They need to hear your story because it's awesome."

The Challenge of Visibility

Many great businesses struggle because people simply don't know about them. Let's explore  how you can overcome this challenge and elevate your business. I began my career in media advertising and witnessed many businesses spent a fortune on advertising to build brand awareness, but now you have the power to do it yourself for free.

The Investment of Your Time

I understand that you may feel you don't have time for marketing. We all have those days when we're busy but not productive. Think about those moments when you're scrolling through your phone or attending unnecessarily long meetings....

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Editing Video for Social Media

editing video marketing Oct 11, 2023

Editing Video for Social Media

Whether you are creating video content for Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, YouTube, and LinkedIn, good editing can either connect you to your audience or make them scroll away.

It can be time-consuming and frustrating when you need to edit content and you need to edit it quickly because you want to get the video out there.  There are so many updates with platforms these days, and it can be hard to know which is the best app or process. 

Fast Tracking Your Editing Process

As a video marketing coach and online course creator, I'm not only always creating content for myself but for my clients as well. So I wanted to take you through some of the ways that you can fast-track your editing process. But before we do, I just really wanted to touch on why editing is one of the most important things when it comes to content creation because it can really help you set the mood.

It can help you create emotion. It takes people down a journey and helps...

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Are you adapting your marketing?

video marketing Aug 29, 2023

"Marketing has changed more in the past 3 years than in the last 50"

According to a Hubspot report


From my 3 decades of experience, it's certainly true. I have witnessed a great evolution as a marketer, because it's never been easier to communicate with people for free, anywhere in the world at any time. However, people are also buying differently. Strategies and tactics that used to work, no longer have the impact.

We have to be agile and pivot, if we want to grow our business.

People want connection and experiences like never before.


I launched my first online course Video Essentials for Social Media in April. Aimed to help businesses show up online and connect with the customers.

Today, I am launching version 2.0 of this course, which includes new subjects and content upgrades to reflect today's demands.  

Video Marketing for Social Media - Online Course

The name of the course has been updated, to reflect the marketing...

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Grow with Video Marketing is a membership for businesses wanting understand how to better use video in their marketing to connect with their customers and increase sales.

You get access to the most up to date essential education and techniques to help you build your business using video marketing strategies.