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Comparison-itis: How to stop comparing yourself to others


When does motivation and inspiration turn into comparison-itis?

I love following creators and being part of business groups to inspire me and keep focused.

Healthy motivation and inspiration drives us to pursue our goals, realise our dreams and can fuel our desire to improve ourself. 

Comparison-itis can begin if we perceive people have more success than us, seem further along their business journey and we benchmark our progress again theirs.

Overcoming the Comparison Trap: How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

As a marketing strategist and video coach, I've seen how easy it is to fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others, especially in our digital world.

I have been effected by comparision-itis over the years in business when I see other people selling the same thing, in the same industry or offering a similar service. I can recall when I joined a business group and saw someone offering something similar to me how I began questioning my ability. It actually stalled my business progress and motivation for nearly a month! It took a chat with a business buddy for me to realise, that only I can do what I do and what I offer is unique.

It's so tempting to look at the highlight reels of success that others share on social media and feel like we're falling behind. 

Comparison-itis might show up if we compare how;

  • Many instagram followers we have
  • We present on camera
  • many people joined our course
  • much money we made launching
  •  The type of content we post on socials

Comparison is a risky game that can quickly spiral into self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and a lack of motivation. The truth is, we rarely see the full picture - the "blood, sweat, and tears" that go on behind the scenes of someone else's success. What may look like an "overnight success" is often the result of years of hard work.

So how do we overcome this comparison mindset?

It starts with awareness. When we find ourselves falling into the trap of comparing our progress to others, we need to take a step back and refocus on our own passion, purpose, and unique strengths. 

Rather than seeing others as competition, we can look for opportunities to collaborate. After all, there's room for all of us to succeed and make an impact. Each of us has our own story, our own journey, and our own special way of connecting with and helping others.

At the end of the day, no one can do what you do quite like you can. Your energy, your experience, your personality - these are the things that make you uniquely you, and they are your greatest assets. Embrace and celebrate what makes you different, and let that shine through in your content and your business.

If you're looking for a supportive community to help you develop your message, value your uniqueness and overcome comparison, I invite you to check out my Content Catalyst membership, it's a content marketing hub.

The comparison trap is a common challenge, but with the right mindset and support, you can break free and focus on being the best version of yourself. Your story matters, and the world needs what only you can offer.

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