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7 Content Creation challenges and how to overcome them

If you're struggling to find time to create content as well manage day to day demands. You're not alone. I understand the frustrations of running a business, working on client projects and needing to maintain a consistent online presence.

Here are 7 common struggles and how to overcome them;

1) Finding Time:

Creating content to promote your business is a necessary part of business these days. Somehow though writing a blog or email, recording a podcast or making a video for social media doesn't seem as urgent as other things that can come up. Yet, the first thing I often hear from business owners is they wish it was busier with people through the door. The way to do this is by connecting with your audience regularly to stay top of mind.

Prioritise what content you will make based on potential impact on your business goals. One email can generate thousands of dollars while one instagram reel could land you a new client. Schedule time in your calendar to develop your content and prioritise it as a non-negotiable business activity. Then outsource the tasks that can be handled by others.

2) Generating Ideas: 

It’s easy to run out of ideas when you don’t have a Content strategy and plan. Put aside 30 minutes a month to brainstorm and flesh out ideas using your content themes. Monitor industry trends, customer feedback, and competitor activity for inspiration. Additionally, repurpose existing content or conduct surveys to gather insights from the target audience Utilise google to research topics people are looking up relating problems you solve. Ai tools like ChatGPT can also help you generate fresh ideas.

3) Creating Quality Content: 

One of main reasons business owners struggle making content is because they may not have the ability to leading to lack of confidence. When you know how to make a effective video, what set up you need to record a podcast it can create a roadblock to getting your message heard. Invest in training or consulting to enhance your content creation skills and develop consistent brand messaging. Developing templates will also help you maintain consistent quality.

4) Staying Consistent: 

Maintaining a regular publishing schedule will help you reinforce your message and stay top of mind. So how do you do when maybe you’re a one man show with limited resources? Planning and batching content will help you stay consistent. Utilise content scheduling tools like Vista Social to plan and automate your posts across platforms

5) Measuring Metrics: 

It's easy to lose enthusiasm if we’re on a treadmill of pumping out emails, reels or blogs and not seeing instant results. When you measure what’s making an impact and what isn’t, you can double down on the content that is getting results. Tracking the effectiveness of your content efforts goes beyond the follower count. Focus on engagement, brand awareness, lead generation, and conversions to assess ROI accurately. When you share your topic across platforms you amplify your message. A person might have heard your podcast that sparked their interest, the email that gave them more information and yet the catalyst for action to buy was your instagram story.

6) Keeping Up with Trends: 

Digital marketing moves at a fast rate, it's hard to imagine life before Chat GPT yet this has only been accessible for the past 12 months. While there are constant updates on Social media features and how to best use each platform. Stay informed about industry trends and algorithm changes through mentorship, community groups, and continuous education. Adapt your content strategy to remain relevant in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

7) Developing a Strategy: 

One of the most important things in your business when you are creating content marketing, is having a strategy. Because when you don’t have a strategy, you don't have a clear plan of what to make and what  resonates with your audience to get results. Streamline your workflow to create, batch and distribute your content for maximum impact.


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